Welcome to the SPAN (Specialist Project and Niche) Forwarders Network.

Although SPAN is being launched in 2016, the foundations of its core membership stem back more than 10 years.

Those foundations encompass members of the Five Star and PFI Groups who have formed the backbone of the Five Star World Network System. They, with other highly recommended project agents, will join together to launch this great new venture.

This Freight Network is being created to bring together the most elite group of specialist global freight forwarders so they can offer a one stop solution to their clients for all specialist, project and niche forwarding

So What is Different About It?

Unlike all other groups, this Network is by mostly invitation only, (exceptions are shown in the "contact us" box). In short you will need to have demonstrated an excellent record of professionalism and reliability over a long period of time, enough so that your peers will recommend you to this group.

If you are recommended, your company must be able to offer a specialist or niche forwarding service otherwise you cannot apply.

What is also different about this group is that it will contain a foundation group of known and trusted agents who will form its group from where it will expand internationally.


All other Networks incorporate agents who all say the same, we handle air, sea and road freight and the ancillary services that go with them (warehousing, packing, insurance etc).

SPAN is here not to promote general services, all our agents already do that in their respective other Networks.

This Network will be ENQUIRY BASED, so any overseas partner seeking a partner in another country can simply surf through the specialist service lists until they find a match.

The ultimate aim of SPAN is to link up enough agents in any specific field so they can, in turn, form a sub network of (for example) Oil & Gas agents, LCL agents or Zoological Animal agents to work between each other around the world without the need to go outside the group again.

Contact Us

Prior to contacting us on the email below, please ensure you can answer yes to all the below questions

a) You will need to have been in business more than 5 years.
b) You will need to provide evidence (that for more than 2 years) your company has been entrusted to handle the cargo for major well known global shipping companies.
c) You will need to be offering at least one specialist service to the group as general forwarders cannot apply.
d) If your company has been listed on any industry blacklist or delinquent websites you will not be able to apply

If you are confident you have the necessary criteria we would be pleased to hear from you

Please Contact Us